What VR headsets work with Xbox one

Virtual reality did a lot of work on its product to launch affordable VR headsets in recent times. The VR market is expanding and taking over the tech market. If money is not a problem, you can also buy a tethered VR headset that is more advanced with an excellent graphical result.

Tethered VR headsets are connected to PC; some are designed for Android, iPhone, and PlayStation. These headsets are available on the best budget. However, before making any decision, you have to think about your requirements and your budget.

Here in this article, we will find out what VR headsets work with Xbox One. Now the question is, Does it work with any VR technology? If not, then why?

What VR headsets work with Xbox one

What VR headsets work with Xbox one

NO! Sadly, Microsoft didn’t classify VR on a home console till now. Microsoft focuses its efforts on PC; here is one thing you have to clear the Xbox has a PC architecture; it’s not a PC and not has a VR system. So any form of Xbox like S and X does not support any VR. Although, Microsoft spokespersons have said this many times. It needs to be improved before it can be brought to market.

For console VR, you have to look at PS4 and PSVR; they have some cool exclusives. But a tethered or PCVR is much better due to its graphical result, better tracking, and efficient controllers. However, PCVR controllers are in the high pricing range, but you will enjoy the immersive world through them.

Today, many alternatives can replace the Xbox. It is quite affordable to get a quality VR headset in your living room through Oculus or PlayStation and many other VR platforms. Moreover, the Windows mixed reality platform is compatible with steam VR and doesn’t require external cameras or sensors. And window mixed reality (WMR) headsets offering hundreds of games with inside-out tracking. For that purpose, you need a powerful computer and a dedicated GPU. Now let’s see the best VR headsets.

What are the best Xbox One exclusives?

Motion Sensing Games: 

The best motion-sensing games that I recommend are Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures. These two are the best games in all motion-sensing games like environmental details, motion-sensing, and an analog of real activities.

Shooter and War Games: 

Halo is the best shooting game series in Xbox history; still, it is on the top. Just considering the game’s content, this series includes almost all the famous elements, including future technology in a video game, aliens, complicated shooting, skeletal, and others.

Gear of war is also another masterpiece like Halo, but the just difference is the story background.

Race Games:

Forza motorsport should be on the best Xbox racing games list; like game seizes every inch of the Xbox’s ability to develop an excellent vehicle racing environment and looks a very near reality.

Few other games are going well, like Sunset Overdrive, Sea of thieves, and many more. 

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is the best option in the market for PCVR; with touch controllers, your slashes, throws, grab appear in VR with intuitive and transporting your hands and gestures right into the game.

The original Oculus Rift was one of the best VR headsets in the market for connecting to PC, and the Oculus Rift S is the latest version and builds upon that. It has a good resolution display with a fast refresh rate.

It’s designed to allow you to enjoy games for a long time, either sitting at your desk or enjoying VR in an ample space due to lightweight, perfect pixels, soothing headsets, and awe-inspiring audio results.

Oculus Rift S

Most importantly, inside-out tracking and room-scale VR and no need to place external sensors around the place. It just comes with an impressive library of games and exclusives already available in the Oculus store.

Good Features 

Brand: Oculus 

Color: Black

Item weight: 5.92 Pounds

Platform: Oculus

Operating system: Android

Touch controllers

Better resolution

Reduced screen door effect

PlayStation VR

The best VR headset for consoles, and wants the immersive experience via playing games then PlayStation VR system is best for you. It looks pretty cool and more comfortable, what you expected. 

You can play multiple games like Star Wars Battlefront: Rogue One X-wing Mission and one of the most impressive VR is Astro Bot Rescue Mission.


For those who have PS4 and PS4 Pro, then PlayStation VR is one of the easy and cheap ways to play VR games, and you don’t need an expensive gaming PC. It wouldn’t deliver the resolution like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, but it has a 120 Hz refresh rate in some games.

Especially if you are a PlayStation fan, then this headset is highly recommended for you. It’s not just for the use of games; you can view the videos and set it up like you are in the virtual theatre.

Good Features

Experience the thrill of the big screen

With the lightweight feature

2D batteries

Many exciting games are included.

Design is perfect

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