What VR headset does Mully use

Virtual reality technology can use to travel using nothing but technology. Virtual reality enables you to look around a virtual space as if you were there or play a game as if you were there. Despite its growing popularity in recent years, the VR industry remains in flux, with headsets coming and going quickly. 

Several live streamers are also coming to the scene to broadcast virtual reality games, including Mully, the popular Youtube sensation.

Mully’s videos may have caught your eye and made you wonder what setup he has, what type of VR headset he uses? We’ll cover everything you need to know about the headset here, including some of the games he plays and what headset he used.

Who is Mully?

Mullen Slay is a Youtuber from Australia born in 1994 who goes by Mully, or Mullen Slay. Having made his debut on YouTube back in April of 2019, he quickly rose to prominence, currently commanding more than 5.19M subscribers. Among them are JoshDub, JuicyFruitSnacks, Your Narrator, and EddieVR, a group of YouTubers collectively known as “The Boys”.

What VR games does Mully play?

Mully has played:

  • Sam and Dan Floaty Flatmates.
  • Pavlov VR.
  • Minecraft.
  • The Forest.
  • Zero Caliber VR.
  • VR Chat.
  • Spiderman VR.
  • Phasmophobia

Mully VR setup

A headset’s sensors immediately translate your movements into virtual reality. It is an entirely cooperative game, where you can fight alone or with friends. Duck Season is available for purchase. We’ve got the best VR games and best VR headsets on one page. If you have the Oculus smartphone app, you can get into VR almost anywhere.

A few of the characters living in the same house (just like the second sidemen’s house layout) are Narrator, Juicy, Eddie, Josh, and Mully. Josh, who was chilling in his room, heard the two bursting into the room, panting. You can transition between the real and virtual worlds in seconds thanks to the flip-up design, all without disrupting your immersive journey. 

What VR headset does mully use

Mully uses the HTC Vive Pro VR headset. Do you want to try VR yourself after seeing Mully’s videos? No worries, we don’t blame you! 

HTC Vive Pro

A set of built-in earcups is included with the HTC Vive Pro. A similar design is found on these headphones, but they have been improved to enhance them even further.

High-performance headphones are included with the HTC Vive Pro, including an amplifier that provides superior sound quality as well as a “heightened sense of presence.” 

Only one cable is needed to connect to the Vive Pro link box, which connects to your PC, so there are considerably fewer cables to worry about when playing.

In addition to dual built-in microphones, the HTC Vive Pro has active noise cancellation for enhanced communication during multiplayer and co-op gameplay. In addition to the volume controls, these headphones also include a mute button, so you can easily mute the mic during playback. 

If you already own an HTC Vive, you can buy the HTC Vive Pro headset and use your previous VR setup with the new headset. Additionally, improved and new base stations now offer Room-Scale tracking up to 10×10 metres.

The HTC Vive Pro Eye has a new tracking system that uses LED sensors to track eye movements, as was mentioned earlier. As a result, your eyes can not only act as controllers but also provide headsets with valuable information about how you look or move around in the virtual environment.

This premium tracking solution offers multi-user tracking with a high-efficiency level, allowing you to play seated or standing with a full 22’11″‘ x 22’11” scale. 

HTC Vive Pro Specification

Brand: HTC

Item Weight: 3.82 Pounds

Platform: SteamVR, Windows

Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 7

Connectivity Technology: HDMI

Model Name: HTC VIVE Pro

Resolution: 2880 x 1600


YouTubers use what kind of VR headset?

On the Oculus Go, you can watch YouTube VR.

Do Mully and anyone else play together?

Occasionally, he uploads another game as well. Muselk was a Click, a former group that included Loserfruit, Creator, Mrfreshasian, and Bazza Gazza. Today, he is most often collaborating with JoshDub, EddieVR, JuicyFruitSnacks, and Your Narrator. These five constitute The Boys.

Do virtual reality headsets cause eye damage? 

The virtual reality simulation, which simulates a real or imaginary environment, has been widely criticized because it compels the brain to process visual stimuli differently.

What is the relationship between Joshdub and Mully?

In VRchat, Joshdub and Mully were discussing having kids but never thought they would. After Ree kid broke down for no apparent reason because of his parents, it sparked their interest. They adopted him since he is already calling them dad.

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