How to watch VR videos on pc

Immerse yourself in the virtual world of watching videos on PC with great graphical details. And it all depends on whether you would like just the content or browse it on your screen.  

If you want to know how to watch virtual reality videos on your PC/ Desktop or Mac, you are at the right place. we will try to find out a solution to how to watch VR videos on PC? 

Well, we will tell you everything necessary and needed to know how it works, so you can start watching VR videos from today.

What you need for this Tutorial

A PC or Mac computer is needed, and optional items can be fruitful like Anaglyph 3D glasses. And the best VR headset that connects to a PC, like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and the Valve index. The optional apps are VLC, Kolor Eyes, Vive Video, Whirligig, and the Virtual Desktop.

Why VR

In the world of virtual reality, you can experience everything better with advanced graphical 3D screens. Here are few benefits for upgrading from regular videos to VR.

In 2D videos, it seems like you are watching a video in a theater, and 360-degree videos allow you to explore things in a new way of viewing all angles. It just seems like you are right there in the video.


Watching VR on an Android/iPhone

When you are a distance away from your PC or your Mac, and Mac isn’t supporting your computer. You can watch virtual reality videos on your phone. Now have to confirm while your smartphone/iPhone is supported by headset or video options we will discuss below that are available for your smartphone. And it is an easy and cheap way to enjoy through a Virtual reality world.

vr headset for phone

What kinds of VR Video You Can Enjoy on Your PC

Many ways are good and more profound than others. And several ways will be discussed below.

Option 1 – Regular 2D video

You can watch any video in virtual reality, whether it was created for VR or not. It’s all regular 2D video and the standard YouTube videos or gets them from a DVD or any other source. Why are these videos important when there is nothing special in them, and that will be shocking for you.

Many VR headsets will play regular 2D videos in a theater presentation mode. It’s just like watching a few rows back in a theater-like you had an impressive 100″ TV in your room.

Option 2 – 3D video

The 3D video concept has never been seen in cinemas, but VR has a fan following. And it adds a significant level of realism to the virtual experience, with a good price factor that makes it more popular than ever.

3D vr headset

A 3D result occurs in different ways, such as an SBS video, over-under, or anaglyph. SBS and over under must be observed using a VR headset as they have two separate screens, one for each eye.

Option 3 – 180 or 360 degree video

In 180/360 degree videos, you begin to experience the uniqueness of virtual reality and make yourself feel better in the video as you turn your head and look at the virtual world around you. Still in 2D

There are also 360-degree pictures you can view. There are basically panoramic images that you can pan around, and it has no movement or sound. Moreover, you can watch 180 and 360 videos on your PC Or using a VR headset. They give a better and more natural experience with a headset.

Option 4 – Full VR video

When you combine a 3D and 360-degree functionality in a video, you get a full VR experience and the visual depth of a 3D environment, and the ability to pan around your view.

These types of videos are harder to find but don’t be confused with VR tags. These are still videos and have a beginning and end, just like watching a video in the theater. A VR experience where you can move around your environment is a virtual reality game.

How to watch VR videos on PC

There are a few steps in which to elaborate on watching 3D videos on your PC. As we explain early in the article, if the video is anaglyph 3D, TB, or SBS, If the video is anaglyph, you can view it on your PC; if not, you need the best VR headset.

Just get anaglyph glasses, scan them and watch YouTube or another online streaming platform. To make sure you select an Anaglyph in the 3D settings.

If you have a video file, you will need a VLC video player to handle 3D videos free of cost. Just put on your glasses and enjoy.

How to watch content from PC on a headset

You have to buy your own VR headset if you want to get the full VR experience, and it will be more immersive. And turn your head and allow 360 degrees videos to pan out as if you were in real life.

how to watch videos on pc

You can watch all kinds of videos on your headset, and the only exception is that 3D videos must not be SBS or over-under, not anaglyph. And there are a few steps that we discussed below.

Connect your headset to your PC.

You will need a video player app like HTC Vive has its own app called the Viveo Video App that works for both the Vive and Oculus Rift.

Whirling is also a good option as it works for the Oculus Rift, and the choice is virtual Desktop if you want to do more interesting and entertaining things on your headset then watch videos and games.

Note: If you have the Rift, Allow the option to enable unknown sources. Doing so will allow your Oculus Rift to accept apps from outside the Oculus Store. Connect the video player app in your virtual reality headset and find the video that it’s all depending on the app you choose to use. And the process will be changed according to the app you use. However, these apps are pretty intuitive.


Move ahead with the best VR headset for PC; you will enjoy the immersive world. Watching the virtual reality world on a PC is pretty simple, and you don’t need to spend tons of money. Firstly, you have to look at your requirement, space for the system setup, and ease to use for everyone.

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