Best VR Headset for Beat Saber 2021

Virtual Reality (VR) is often characterized by its excessive use of computer modelling and simulation. VR makes it possible for people to interact with virtual environments with artificial three-dimensional (3-D) visual elements. 

This experience occurs through a variety of devices and equipment. You can get gloves with sensors or glasses with screens. It is now my ambition to experience the Beat Saber experience in virtual reality. However, I am scared as to which headset to choose.

Best VR Headset for beat saber

The main component of Virtual Reality is the headset. People are visual creatures. It is important to remember that display technology is often the greatest difference between immersive Virtual Reality and traditional interaction.

It’s hard to choose between the huge array of headsets available on the market and the tons of confusing and outdated online information. We have created this guide to help people with zero knowledge of VR. Updates will be made to this guide when new headsets are introduced to the market and updated.

So which VR headset is the best for Beat Saber?

Oculus Quest 2

It’s easy to say the Oculus Quest 2 is the best VR headset I recommend for Beat Saber. A smaller price tag makes it more attractive than its closest competitors, excellent tracking, wirelessly playable or connected via Oculus Link, as well as having one of the highest resolutions of current headsets.

This VR is in the second position for the best virtual reality headset for the PC category as ranked by Amazon. It features very comfortable straps, so gamers can use it comfortably for long periods. We only consider the ergonomics when making recommendations for our best VR headsets. Quest, with its ergonomic design and structure, qualifies for our generic requirements. However, it is also necessary for our recommendation of the best Beat Saber headsets.

However, the Quest 2 has better display sharpness than the Index, but the gameplay is a little rougher in comparison. It is due to the Quest 2’s lower refresh rate of 90Hz than the Index’s 120Hz.

Although it does not provide as good tracking as Index’s lighthouse-based tracking, the Oculus 2 does track your Saber movements exceptionally well. Quest 2 headsets are decently comfortable, although some of you might find it feels too bulky on your face. And yes, it may feel uncomfortable.

For Beat Saber, the Quest 2 VR headset stands out as the best standalone headset. It is a great option for those looking for an affordable headset that stands out as a great choice. 


Easy to set up.

Standing-alone Operations

Value for money

No wires to irritate you.

High-quality visuals that immerse you


Quite low framerates

Facebook Account required to use.

HTC Vive Pro

It’s fun with just your hands, but how about using your feet as well? 

The HTC Vive Tracker makes it possible for you to play the FeetSaber mod (I know, such a cliched name, but I think it fits).

Despite its price tag, I highly recommend the Vive Pro if you can afford it.

You can put your legs to good use with Beat Saber, too, because it tracks your entire body. It’s especially great for sore arms because you can apply more pressure to your elbows.

HTC Vive Pro, equipped with an OLED display, has a 1440×1600 resolution per eye. It is similar to that of the Valve Index. It means the Vive’s colours are more vivid, and the blacks are deeper than the Index’s LCD screen. It’s also less sharp than Valve’s headset, so the ups and downs are equal.

This headset tracks like a professional that you can rank on the Beat Saber leaderboard, better than the Quest 2. A little softness in the face cushion and nose pad makes the HTC Vive Pro one of the most comfortable.

If you are looking for the best VR headset with full-body tracking for Beat Saber and is comfortable, you should check the Vive Pro.


A fun mod called Feet Saber!

OLED display

External light blocking

A 90Hz Display

During the competition, track accurately.


Not as easy to set up

It is quite pricey

VR-capable PC required

Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S

If you are looking for an affordable Virtual Reality headset for PC gamers, it is a great option. Many consumers don’t appreciate the lower refresh rate it offers. Still, this is the most well-known and reliable VR available to consumers.

Oculus Rift S stands out as the preferable option in terms of cost and compatibility, plus it is well suited for beat saber. Beat Sabers itself endorsed the VR headset.

This headset is ideal for gamers since it has excellent tracking. The image is clear and sharp (1280 x 1440 resolution). They are light, they are comfortable in hand and are easy to move around. Playing for long hours is a pleasure with these controllers, and they can wear for several hours.

When it comes to positional tracking, the 6-DoF headset is the only way to go. The Oculus Rift S does not have a product that is IPD-sensitive, so it is not as compatible with people with different IPDs.

This Beat Saber is ideal for competitive use since it has excellent tracking, light controllers, and a comfortable headpiece. If you don’t want to use wires, the Quest 2 is still a good choice if you prefer a standalone set.


Touch controllers are very convenient. 

Excellent tracking and framerate. 

Best average rating

Improved Optic Quality


Refresh Rate Is Quite Low

Uses wires

Sony PlayStation VR

It is supposed to be the best version of VR headsets since Sony PlayStation manufactures them. Following the Sony PlayStation VR specification, we will show you why it should be better than others.

Thus, this is an option for PlayStation users to use to play Beat Saber or other games. You do not need to invest in a Gaming PC for this work. 

This version of the VR headset for beat sabers is extremely better than other VR headsets with its 120Hz refresh rate. This device offers you the highest resolution until it can provide you with 1920x 1080 pixels. It is very high quality, so you’ll be able to watch even more entertaining video content while using it.

It keeps track of both translation and rotational movements of the body parts. It takes a 6DoF VR headset to smash the beat blocks. The saber movement belongs to translation.

The Sony PlayStation comes with 3D audio technology. A quality sound setup is essential for listening to desired beats. When it comes to the best beat saber play, the field of view (100°) makes no difference. But when it comes to sim racing, this is an important factor.


3D Audio Technology

120 HZ display

OLED panel displays rich and vibrant colours

High Refresh Rate


Tracking isn’t very good.

Other games require a PS4

Samsung HMD Odyssey+

This article will provide a buyer’s guide of the key features you should consider to choose the beat saber VR headset that best meets your needs. 

Count this as another strong competitor in the VR best beat saber category. In terms of Standalone operations, it’s the Bluetooth tethered device that connects to your PC and allows you to play games.

More importantly, this headset has an elite design and is lightweight. So, it won’t restrict your movement while playing rhythmic games.   

The headset’s design is sleek, and it is lightweight, so it won’t slow down your movements. In terms of comfort, the headset will be comfortable wearing for hours and playing multiple kinds of games. It is compatible with PCs with Windows 10 installed on it.

3-DoF devices are not recommended for use with beat sabers because users would expect their movement to be tracked while they are using it. Waving swords will not be possible in a beat saber that employs a 3-DoF.

Crystal clear visual experiences are achieved with its sharp visuals and SDE cancelling features. The refresh rate is also 90 Hz, making it the fastest in our list of best VR headsets for beat sabers. This device has no IPD-Sensitivity, so any person can enjoy it anytime. All you have to do is adjust the lenses with a knob, accommodating anyone with any IPD.


A device that tethers to Bluetooth

Refresh Rate High

It’s easy to set up.

FOV of 110 and display is 90 Hz


Troubleshooting has a problem

Tracking with controllers isn’t that useful.

Best VR Headset for beat saber – Buying Guide

Our buyer guides recommend products based on the set of factors related to the title of the topic. The main purpose of this guide is to inspire you to make a smarter decision. We also recommend many other VR headsets that you can see in our buyer’s guide if they qualify for beat saber or not. 

Movement Tracking (3DOF OR 6 DOF)

A key component of virtual Reality is motion tracking, which is done in real-time using computer software. You would not be able to look around, move around, and explore without motion tracking systems in Virtual Reality. Experience virtual reality immediately stepping into a virtual reality CAVE or wearing a VR headset. We need to examine the concept of six degrees of freedom (6DoF) to understand how an object can move in three-dimensional space. A rigid body can move freely in 3D space.

Refresh rate

A refresh rate over 60 Hz will not cause you to feel motion sick. In our recommended products list, there are no devices under 80 Hz.

Even though the refresh rate is equally important for any VR experience, it is common knowledge that it is the most crucial factor when selecting the best VR headset for sim racing or films, as you won’t compromise on it.

Screen Door Effect

This visual artefact is caused by the fine lines in displays, which individual pixels. You can see it with digital projectors or digital displays when magnified or at close range.


Then, the price would give an evaluation of choice for the more worthwhile VR headset. Perhaps a lower price point headset may be giving more value due to its perceived value. The sellers of such headsets rarely speak about their importance, but the vetted users do.

Comfort Level

When it comes to any buyer guide, the most important thing is comfort level, especially since Beat Saber is an addictive game. Therefore, we will take three factors into account to assess the comfort level: weight, ergonomic nature, and size.

Standing Alone Operations

Standing alone and using a VR headset is what we suggest for Beat Sabers VR headsets. It stands to reason that we prefer this dedicated VR game over standalone VR headsets.

If a game is designed to be compatible with VR headsets, then having connectivity problems and much more like this will be a thing of the past.

When deciding on which VR headsets should be recommended for PC games, Beat Saber is our only VR game.


Is a VR headset necessary to play Beat Saber?

Without a full VR system such as a Vive, Rift, WMR or Quest, you cannot obtain the Beat Saber experience you desire. Finished. VR is a necessary component of the game, so not wanting to play it means you don’t want to play it at all. A great thing about Beat Saber is how well it combines virtual reality with rhythm games.

What equipment do I need to play Beat Saber?

There should be a blue and red Lightsaber for you. Beat Saber is also compatible with the Oculus Quest, a stand-alone headset. Beat Saber would probably be best with the Vive or Index, but the difference is very subtle. Also, with the Oculus Quest, you won’t need that high-end PC I mentioned below. As a “Mobile VR” solution, the Quest works so well because it is equipped with tracked controllers, not the tilt sensors like the Gear VR.

A medium-end PC will require if you do not use Quest. I recommend at least an NVidia GTX 1050. 1050 will work as well (I play with 1070). Prices of these machines have dramatically declined over the last year. It would be more than sufficient if the PC were a “Gamer-ready” PC or a “VR-ready PC.”.

Beat Saber with mobile VR is very popular, but it isn’t easy without proper 6DOF controllers. There is a chance that newer headsets will support this. Please make sure they keep the games you intend to purchase.

The idea of not having wires makes sense to me. My PC is set up on the opposite side of the room, so I point away from it when I have to point to the screen. It will put the HMD (Headset) cables behind you if you don’t have a wireless setup. It is impossible to turn around in Beat Saber, so this works. Even when I’m playing 360 levels, the cord is always behind me.

A full PC running a game quality video card and tracked controllers, such as these (Vive) is needed.

Is it normal to feel sore after playing Beat Saber?

It would help if you were fit to do that.

Beat Saber can certainly provide great exercise, depending on the level and difficulty. Generally, it’s like tennis:

You will indeed work muscles that you did not expect or need improving.

Exercisers will have a good idea of how their bodies adapt to overwork, good workouts, or injuries over time. It is possible for a torn muscle to feel “sore”, as can power full of lactic acid.

Exercise builds up waste byproducts in the muscles, making you feel sore the next day if many of those byproducts are present. I have done too much training on days when I couldn’t sit down, but I wasn’t injured (ok, maybe my pride).

Final Verdict

Which VR headset is best for Beat Saber? You have to take into consideration your requirements.

The best VR headset for Beat Saber overall is the Oculus Quest 2 – without hesitation. It hasn’t batted after five seconds. That’s how good The Quest 2 is.

You may like the HTC Vive Pro with Vive Trackers if you love dancing. For those who like Playstation, Playstation VR is a great option to consider. Rift S is perfect for players who want to satisfy their competitive craving for blood. 

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